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Hello Hello, I finally registered.


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My most advanced cities are now in the Dragon's chapter & I have not upgraded any MA in any city. I never felt the need to & it hasn't affected my game play over the last 3 years. My elders who started before me seemed to all be in consensus that a 3rd builder was the best diamond investment in the game. Many of my cities took advantage of the free builder with diamond purchase as well. When I saw the benefits of the 3rd builder in these cities, that is when I decided to save up & get one for each city. I learned early on here in the forum that magic residences & workshops were poor diamond investments, because in a few chapters, they become obsolete, so I didn't buy any (I have one residence that was given after an FA glitch). After each of my cities had a 3rd builder, I saved my diamonds up & have occasionally purchased expansions. A few times, in a moment of impatience, I have used diamonds to finish off a production or upgrade, but kind of regret it afterwards. Thankfully, when the Wishing Wells were first offered, I obtained multiples of them & I have only been placing one at at time. Every 100 days, I swap out the expired one for a new one. This extends the time in which I may obtain more diamonds from the daily gifts it gives.


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Welcome to Elvenar!

Everyone has opinions about diamond use.

When I started, I bought diamonds. The best thing I ever did was max out my builder and Magic Academy for my first world in Khelonaar. I have cities in every world ... and I appreciate how much those helped me. But at the end of the day, it's up to you how you decide to play the game, whether you unlock tech or expansions. Just do yourself a favor and think it out before you do unless you are going to buy diamonds on the regular.