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Hello Hello I'm new and a question


New Member
Hello everyone, I have been playing now for a short time...still trying to figure out some of the finer points in the game. I must say it has been enjoyable.
I am sure this has been asked somewhere but I can't seem to find it.....I am considering removing my magic academy for a while....it takes a large chunk of space and for the time being I will be a ftp and or at least very cheap to play player ...would it be wiser to use that space for other building such as extra housing and or boosted manufacturing


Well-Known Member
Hello and welcome to Elvenar.

The Magic Academy is one of the few buildings that once placed can not be sold off or teleported into your inventory.. Your only option to get rid of it is to start another city fresh on a new world and never build the Magic Academy.
you will find that you will love you Magic Academy, it is a necessary part of the game.


Well-Known Member
you will find that you will love you Magic Academy, it is a necessary part of the game.
I completely agree here. Its uses will grow as your city grows. Being able to produce spells will help you get goods faster, and increase your wealth in culture as neighbors visit you. Also, they will increase your fun in the fellowship adventures...these are all things that may seem quite new to you but stick around, I promise it all makes sense the more you play and your Magic Academy will become a bigger part of your game play.

Daiman Rahl

Active Member
Welcome to the game and may I suggest you read up on the game on Elvengem.com. It is a complete guide to Elvenar and you will find further info in the Wiki feed located at the bottum right where you found the forum, it is a wealth of info as well.
As for the Magic Academy I agree the earlier posts you'll find it handy once you get further into the game.
Good luck, and Enjoy the reading. And the Game!!