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    Your Elvenar Team

Hello Hello to all Elvenar Players

Kyle Tormain

My name is Mark, I have been playing games for many a year,
my first computer game was a text adventure on a Commodore Pet - Ancient Tech ... LOL
I am Kyle_Tormain in Tynon, and some might see me as StarHunter5.

Ex Air Force from the early 80's [My how computers have changed ... LOL ]
I like the look and feel of this Game, I like the fact that you have Tactical Combat
--- and you do not have to do Auto Combat unless you want to.
To many games have only Auto Combat, and the Games boil down to Click to do this Quest,
Click to do that Combat - and that just gets boring real fast.
I have played many Board Games, Card Games, Collectable Card Games,
Single Player Computer Games and Online Games.
Too many games look good and just do not have enough Good Game play, and this one looks promising


Ex-Team Member
Kyle very nice introduction. We are glad to have you on .us. Welcome and enjoy the game. One question Elves or Human? :D

Kyle Tormain

While, I like the idea of both the Elves and Humans - I choose Humans