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Hello Hello


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Nice to meet you Drewber; I've just been playing since October and am now in Wood Elves. From what people tell me, it's changed a lot in both good ways and bad. The tournament has changed the most, from what I hear, and will change even more once the beta version transfers to the main stream. I think the best way to grow a fellowship is to have a few main rules that everyone can agree on. You need to decide what direction your fellowship will take. Will it work on the spire, or the tournaments, or fair trading?

My wish list for the perfect fellowship would look like this:

Fair 2-3 star trades only unless arranged beforehand with the AM.
Cross trades allowed.
Tournament players earn a minimum of 300 points
Spire players should at least pass the first door.
Neighbor visits at least 3x weekly.
Everyone participates in Fellowship Adventures with at least one badge per level.

I personally could do a lot more than this, but this would be a wish list that I think most members could manage. Of course your wish list will be different, depending upon what you like to do, but just come up with something simple that everyone can agree on, and then make a post in the forum under "fellowship seeking members." Be sure to check out the forum section on "members seeking fellowships" as well, so you might be able to snag a few members there.

One thing I'd like to say though ... choose only the rules that you intend to enforce. If someone abuses the rules more than a few times, you should be willing to part with them. If you're not, then don't make rules that will be flouted without consequences. Nothing disheartens players worse than rules that aren't followed.

Best of luck to you.


One thing I would like to add, help your teammates get as many of the rewards as they can. Through tournies or Fellowship Adventures and by helping them collect runes for future Ancient Wonders from your neighbors. The Fellowship Adventures is something they have developed within the last 4 years. There is 3 paths to follow and and 3 stages to finish if you can get that far. Considering the size of your teammates in Harandar, you should be able to clear stage 1 but you would need to keep everyone on the same path.


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Welcome back @Drewber920 ! I took a year off myself and it definately took a minute to get oriented with the new changes...most of which I was really impressed with.
As obvious a statement as this is...the main difference nowadays is the spire. Just like the tournaments, achieving a group goal in the spire every week can really help to advance a player's game in a short amount of time. Since the rewards begin to add up with the fellowship points, the spire has become either an attraction or a deterant for those seeking a fellowship. I'd say just get clear with your fellowship how you want to approach it.


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Hi... I am a returning player after a 4 year break. Noticing many improvements. Wondering how I can grow my fellowship and what attracts new fellows. Any help would be appreciated. I am a little rusty in my game knowledge yet... lol
I suggest you check out Fellowships looking for members on your World and get your feet wet again, there is a lot to learn and if you start your own fellowship there will be fellows who will be looking to you for help you may not be prepared to give. I check and you are not on Winy or I would have invited you, lol, Kermit says "it's not easy being green" will I sing that song with a word change.


Following Neeronie's suggestion about a lot of changes to learn about in the past few years. Merging with another team maybe a good idea for a while, as I mentioned I do not play in Harandar, but Osbornia does. If both teams dismiss your inactive players it would be just possible to get a team of 25 members. If you are interested talk to Osbornia's Archmage Oolda.