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Hello Hello

Hi - I'm newly registered to the forum but have been reading it for a few years for game info. I've been playing with AI generated art lately and might want to start posting some Elvenar-related images over in the Artist Corner. They're just for my fun and others' enjoyment (no sales, no ownership claims, no copyright violations, etc.), but I just want to make sure I wouldn't be disobeying any rules or otherwise stepping on toes.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who've made my game better over the years. I retired an old account and restarted fresh with a new name (Scrounge Witch over on Harandar). I'm enjoying the early part of the game again but with the fumbling in the dark. I've set up a solo fellowship so I can get good tournament and spire scores on Elvenstats, and then I'll look for a fellowship that's a good fit in a few months.


I haven't posted them yet. I want to make sure I obey the rules. I've found the forum rules about size, copyright. personal information, and offensive stuff, but want to make sure there's not something I'm overlooking.
I noticed another person on here couldn't find much about any rules easily either....I hope that becomes addressed soon and can be more easily available.