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Helya shares her snack hoard


Beloved Ex-Team Member
Come join my going away party, any yummy contributions are welcome!


Mathematician par Excellence
The forums won't be the same without you. In all of my (fairly considerable) time spent online, I've never met a more even-handed moderator. You've managed the not-so-easy task of being one of us while still keeping things under control. Your quick wit and common-sense application of the rules will truly be missed. May your pantry never be bare.

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Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
I know we should be celebrating your tenure with us and congratulating you on your move onto new projects, but this is the U.S. market so I’m going to cash in on some of the entitlement that comes with the territory and make it about us losing our Community Manager.

You are the exemplary Goldilock mix of fun and stern. One never quite know if we’re getting more FREE ROPE to make a bigger macrame owl with or being called into the Principal’s office, which for some unknown reason that has nothing to do with a guilty conscience, is my immediate thought when I log in here and see a glowing envelope saying I have a new message from you. You let us have our fun while keeping us on our toes. I also bow to your boss-level ability to wield a rapier wit. As someone foolish enough to go verbal jousting with you on occasion, I have been on the receiving end of a few comebackers that were so good that I have voluntarily laid down my arms in surrender to observe the mastery of my own demise.

As the resident purveyor of shenanigans, the news of a new warden Community Manager is such sad news. Will our new Community Manager even know about the (missing) Magic Accomplish Button? Will they bring in the white padded walls? See, you are already seeding doubts into my mastermind plans because apparently, the best plot I can think of right now is to have a philologist kidnap you and whoever leaves the kidnapping to a philologist??? Something tells me you cannot be contained by mere proficiency of literature and language. At least we have one last epic heist to end the party with.

Thank you for your time serving us. Thank you for building such a wonderful and vibrant community. Thank you for all the shenanigans and letting us eat it too. I mourn.

Sir Squirrel

Artist EXTRAORDINAIRE and Buddy Fan Club member
While I am glad you are going to enjoy some new challenges, I am saddened that you have to leave us. You will be missed more then you know. No other CM has ever captured our hearts like you have, and any future CM will have the impossible task of trying to manage here while being compared to you. I wish you the very best the future has to offer and hope maybe one day you might shine your light on us here again.

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Deborah M

Oh Wise One
Even enough yummy sweets to bring on a diabetic episode cannot lessen my disappointment that you are leaving us helya. You have been such a great Community Manager that I cannot hardly hope that the next one will be as helpful with a balance of firm but fun. You will be sorely missed!

Nectar of the Gods

Well-Known Member
@helya I can not adequately express my joy at your new opportunity and my sadness at your loss as Community Manager. You have been the best and this mix of joy for you and sorrow for us is so difficult to hold. Two strong emotions fighting for supremacy. Thank you for all you've done for the community. I am going to miss you.

I'm baking chocolate brownies for the occasion. Chocolate always makes everything better.