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Hello hi elvenar peoples,

Reah anna

New Member
I am new here. never played a game like this, it was to overwhelming. this one maybe also to overwhelnming. but i am going to keep trying. i have been tossed to 3 worlds, i am 2 different charactors. one human and one im not sure what i am, but its kind of fun. i belong to a fellowship in one world. im not sure how i go back to the other worlds. but here i am and so far im lost but im playing along. lol.
enjoying myself and dont mean any harm on the way.


Well-Known Member
Welcome to the game and to the forum :)

This is a great place to ask questions, get advice. My favorite thing about this game is that there are so many different ways to play, reasons to play, and people to play with. Take your time, there is no rush. Enjoy the artwork, the discovery of it all! And absolutely ask the forum anything you want to know.

I will let someone with better experience moving between worlds take on your first question. I'm a one world, one city elf :)


Well-Known Member
Welcome to the game. Unlike most games of this type there is no PVP here! Sit back and relax nobody will ever destroy your city and your troops wont starve if you dont log in!

I am an elf in all my cities, I like the early art better ;). Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to Elvenar and Welcome to the forum. One thing I learned right away Reah anna you need to be patient with the game. Sometimes it feels like it progresses so slow. It's a positive that you are with a fellowship. They will help you out a lot. The forum is full of wise players who will help you learn as you grow. :) Just have fun!


Well-Known Member
Welcome to the game! That many cities might be hard to manage when they get a little bigger, so don't feel badly if you need to focus on just one. Although some people have lots of cities and love it. Enjoy the journey.


Well-Known Member
Hello @Reah anna!
Good to see you in the forum. It's a good place to learn. If you can't find answers ask away.
We're a pretty nice group. Relax and kick off your shoes!


Well-Known Member
Welcome to the game and the forums!
im not sure how i go back to the other worlds.
On mobile, log out and it will return you to a screen with all the worlds on a slider bar. The worlds where you have a city started will be green. On browser, log out and it'll return you to the screen with all the worlds. The ones you have a city started will be listed first and in green. In both cases click/tap on the green city and it will take you to the city in that world.


Well-Known Member
Once logged out, log out again. Click on the player name, in browser it will display the other username you are using. It should remember name and password. On mobile only log out once (for new username); you will have to back scroll both name & pw and type them in manually.

Oh you are on 2 different servers. Once logged out, you also need to select the server. On desktop click the flags located about 1/3 of the way in from the left in the top taskbar, and select either the British or US flag. On mobile log out twice and server selection is on the top right. English/International(English) server comes up in the pop up screen under English language, US(English) is 2nd from the end.
Best of luck to you, welcome to the game.
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