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Hello Hi everyone


Feel free to ask questions here in the forum ElviWi & "Welcome to Elvenar".
Another suggestion, ~ join a Fellowship as soon as you can. Members will be more than happy to help you because they were new once.


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Brand new player with so many questions. Where's the best place to ask really newbie questions and not annoy everyone. Glad to be here and thanks in advance for your help.
Hi and welcome! The Newbie questions potpourri thread has a lot of good beginner questions, but feel free to ask new questions in the "Questions and Help" section of the forum. Also feel free to take some advice and throw away others. Playing style will vary from player to player. You'll have to figure out what you want to do with your city and see which style matches your play best. Lastly, find a fellowship that matches the playing style you settle on. The right fellowship makes a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge difference.

Fiona Selah

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People are very friendly and ready to help here! Just a couple of tips: You can save space in your city by tucking the buildings that don't need to be attached to a road on the edges behind other buildings! Many cultural buildings, including the Builder's Hut, don't need to be attached to a road. When you give Neighborly Help you will see many cities with the letters 'C,B, and MH'. Those mean Culture, Builder's Hut, and Main Hall. They represent the owner's choice of what type of help they would like. Culture gives extra coins from residence collection and extra goods, The Builder's Hut cuts down on the time for a building upgrade, and Main Hall gives coins from the MH.


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Welcome! I am pretty new (I've been playing about 9 weeks, which believe it or not is new in this game, where some people have been playing for years). I have asked lots of questions, both on current threads when I don't understand something and by starting my own thread in Questions and Help. Once in a while when I just wanted a range of views about something I posted in General Discussion.

One thing I've noticed is that some answers you will get might apply more to big cities in later stages of development than to a newer city because most forum players have really big cities. So take things with a grain of salt; try them and see if they work for you, and if someone recommends using a building or technology that you don't think you have yet, you can ask for clarification. (Maybe you do have it and don't realize, or maybe they've forgotten the chapter in which it is unlocked.)

Don't be afraid to play your own way and not take all the advice given. There are so many different ways to play Elvenar. I'm playing the "make it last as long as possible and accumulate as much stuff along the way" version. Other people play the "breakneck speed" version or the "make the prettiest city" version or the "try everything once" version.


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. As promised I have some questions.
1. Helping hands. Does this cost anything to help and if so how do I find it?
2. If someone helps me but they are to far away for me to help will they be mad?
3. I saw a pop-up message that said you could fin chests on the world map. Where do I look on the map?
I received a chest from helping hands I think. It popped up and then disappeared. Where did it go?
I know these are basic questions but this game makes me feel like I'm back in school. (70 yrs. ago)
I have just started chapter two and play in 1. Sinya Arda and 2. Caravan. I`d like to join a fellowship that doesn't expect to much and is willing to help me. I take direction well and since I'm a little obsessed with the game I play all the time. That said, thanks for all your advice.


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No it doesn't cost you a thing.
It appears when you visit a neighbor (bottom of their screen) Check out.... https://elvengems.com/getting-started/
It's very helpful throughout the game. No one will get mad if you can't reach them yet. Some do it to help new players.
Chests are gold and can be found on your world map if there are any empty spaces, You get gold from them that goes directly to your main hall.
Help recieved goes straight to your main hall or builder or culture item. Whichever the visitor clicked on.
It takes awhile to learn everything so take your time and enjoy!


Thanks. Another ?, the fairy queen resort. Do I need to upgrade b4 evolving? It's evolving now and I am not sure if that will screw up the upgrade. I 'm just bumbling along.


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Unless you moved to chapter 2 after getting the fairy queen retreat, you shouldn't need to upgrade it yet. You can evolve it as many times as you have artifacts it's just that the timer for giving rewards will keep resetting each time you evolve it another stage. It should only take a second or two to evolve with each artifact.
Did that answer your question? I want to make sure I was understanding it correctly.


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Thanks. Another ?, the fairy queen resort. Do I need to upgrade b4 evolving? It's evolving now and I am not sure if that will screw up the upgrade. I 'm just bumbling along.
No worries on that, Elvi. While people usually do wait to place an evolving building until they know they'll have enough artifacts to be worth it, you may want to place it just because you have the room. If you find later you don't want it, it won't be a great loss. You'll find many, many buildings as you progress that you will like more. I remember winning a huge bowl of nuts my second day on Elvenar. I kept that thing for far too long, because I was afraid of losing if I got rid of it. I shouldn't have worried. There have been so many good things to replace it with.

By the way, on your earlier question, I often go through my map to see if there are any new people in the neighborhood. I just help them to give them a little boost at the start. I know there's no way on earth for them to help me. When I was new and established players did that for me, I used to go to their cities and place one or two kp into their wonders as a thank you, since I couldn't help them back. I later found out that I shouldn't do that, because there are some established players who put 1 or 2 kp into a wonder just to get rewards from it (I had no idea, when I started that, that I could even get rewards out of it for myself.) If someone helps you consistently and you really want to do something nice for them, you can put 10kp into a wonder for them. No one would pass up 10 kp or think it too little. But don't do that for everyone; you'll run out. Only for those who really help a ton.
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