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Hello Hi everyone


Well-Known Member
You understood but I pushed evolve with no clue as to what that means. Then I hit it again. It's been going for 5 hours now with what looks like 3 to go. Good thing I don't need right away.
Great! That means you're pretty well evolved and it will probably be useful to you for several chapters to come.


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About people who give you neighborly help but you can't return it. I know how you feel about that! I still sometimes get help from people I can't return the help. I try to remember that they are getting a benefit from it (coins). I do neighborly help for most of my neighbors regularly, and only about 4 out of 20 help me, so chances are they won't even notice! One thing you could do is write them a message to thank them. It can be a good way to make friends. I found my current fellowship by writing a message thanking someone for taking my marble trade.

About the chests you can receive from giving neighborly help: Those are the rewards that pop up like relics or spells, You can get up to 3 of those a day, but you are not guaranteed to get 3, so if you only have 5 or 7 neighbors unlocked you might not get all of them in a day. Joining a fellowship can help because you can help everyone in your fellowship and with that many you are pretty much guaranteed to get your 3 daily chests. The rewards go straight either into your main hall (for relics) or into your enchantments inventory (for spells).


New Member
Brand new player with so many questions. Where's the best place to ask really newbie questions and not annoy everyone. Glad to be here and thanks in advance for your help.
Hi. ElviWi I'm also brand new & don't like annoying people. I try to find the answers in Wiki or forum before I ask. But whenever I put out a question someone is always kind enough to answer.