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Highlands Arendyll has openings


New Member
Recruiting: Players in Halflings CHAPTER OR BEYOND...please message the Archmage. We are fairly laid back with most everything optional but encouraged. Visits are within 4-7 per week. 4 is minimum. NP since it is so easy now
Please send a message to Shauna after reading our guidelines listed below, if you think we are the right group for you. Please tell us what your boosted goods are and how often you play. YOU MUST MESSAGE US AS WE ARE BUSY PLAYING . Please have all boosted goods unlocked and producing. Any questions feel free to contack Shauna before making application.
1.Visits: 4-7 visits per week to all members. Honor player preferences. C=Culture, B=BuilderHut ,M=MainHall. Out more than 4 days and you should notify us.
2. Trade regularly. Boosted goods only 2 or 3 star.Tier for Tier. Cross trade ok when agreed to by another member who will accept them.
3 Read and Respond to Fellowship Mail and treat all members equally and kindly, respect each other, and have fun. App players should have access to PC for mail.
4. Participation in Tournaments,Spire and Fellowship Adventures remains optional but we strongly encourage participation.
5. We have 10 Chest Tournament Challenges every 8th week. Every member is requested to participate so that we all succeed as a fellowship. Join and thrive.
6. AW We have 3 random exchange threads, 4th one is a 5kp Club that is run slightly different from the 30kp, 20kp and 10kp threads. Everyone welcome to participate.
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