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Hope's Quest - 9 and 10 Chest Tournament Fellowship with ♥


New Member
Hope's Quest

of like-minded members.
Consistent 9 and 10 Chests in Tournaments... heading toward consistent 10!

Share the effort (according to ability/city size).....share the rewards!

In addition to personal rewards, here are the EXTRA rewards 10 CHESTS got us in the recent Magic Dust Tournament:

1 Heroes’ Forge
1 Tome of Secrets
1 Sunset Tower
1 Watchtower Ruins
1 Throne of the High Men
1 Thermal Spring of Youth
1 Dragon Abbey
1 Properity Towers
1 x 30 KP
2 x 20 KP
2 x 15 KP
2 x 10 KP
1 x 7 KP
1 x 5 KP
1 x 3 KP
1 Inspiring Meditation
3 Ensorcelled Endowment
5 Power of Provision
6 Magical Manufacturing
1 Blueprint
5 Royal Restorations
20 Magic Dust Relics

10 Chests the past 4 tournaments!

Tournament rewards come with LOTS of goodies to build our cities.
We’re competitive, but friendly--definitely not cutthroat.
We have fun, respect one another, and help each other along the way! :)
We're a fellowship made up of nice folks, with everyone doing their part, and no one overwhelmed doing the lion's share of anything.
"Share the effort, share the rewards."

We seek MOTIVATED, ACTIVE players desiring to BE PART OF THE TEAM.

Motivated new players are welcome to grow with us.

Check out our fellowship overview.
If you think you're a good fit as part of our team, send a message to the Archmage.
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