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Help how to avoid defeat in encounters


New Member
Even though I have greater power than an opponent, I often lose a battle. How can I be sure I will win?


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You can't ever be sure, but if you study the basic info here and here and also do a search here on the forum for battle info, you will learn a lot.


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Hi HolyRobie, you didn't mention what chapter you are in = what AW's and troop types/levels available to you,.
Do you have fire phoenix or if you use troop boosting buildings from MA?
Most importantly, if you are familiar with the use of right troop types according to enemy troop types? (as you didn't mention what level of game you're at)
Do you auto fight or manual fight?
Knowing the above variables help forum members to give you the best possible advise ;)
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@HolyRobie Are you paying attention to what class of enemy units there are when you select what kind of troops to use? Selecting the right type of troops before combat starts can make all the difference. Every class of troops in Elvenar is strong against 2 kinds of troops and receives bonuses against them. And troops are always neutral against other units of the same class. And there are 2 classes of troops which will receive bonuses against them.

For example, mage units get bonuses against heavy range or heavy melee. Mages are neutral against other mage units. But light melee or light range will receive bonuses against mage units (which basically means mages are handicapped against them). Therefore if the enemy force is a combination of heavy range and heavy melee then mages are an excellent choice. But if the enemy force is a combo of light melee or light range they are a bad choice.