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how to delete Fellowship chat

  • Thread starter DeletedUser1521
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I would like to know two things.
1..Can we delete the Fellowship Chat?
2..Is there any PM (private Message chat) or do we have to resort to sending a million messages?


I don't think you can erase a chat but you can try and scroll past it far enough that no one will bother going back.
You can whisper for privacy but must type the command /w every message

you can type /who in fellowship chat to see who is online.
you can type /w player name to whisper to a player. If a player has a space in the name, you can use quotation marks to whisper that player. Example: /w ''Two Words" hello!
( https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/hotkeys.1120/#post-7150 )