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    Your Elvenar Team

Human/Elven Alliance is seeking friendly, active players :)

Abbi Gayle

Good morning Elvenar!

Human/Elven Alliance is restructuring to replace some inactive members. Friendly players, or a smaller FS looking to merge are more than welcome. Preferred boosts are Steel/Scrolls/Magic Dust, but aren't necessary to join.

Please visit your fellows 3 or more times per week & trade 2* or better. Less than 2* for quest progression or tournament supplies can be accommodated if arranged in chat. Please treat all fellows politely in chat, we are all here to have fun & enjoy the people we play the game with.

Should you be looking for a home on Sinya Arda w/friendly folks to grow & play with, we can't wait to meet you. Please message Abbi Gayle in game, or reply here.

Thank you for your time & Happy Gaming everyone!


New Member
Hi! Your fellowship sounds a lot like what I’m looking for - are you still looking for members? I do need to warn you that I literally just started today on Sinya Arda. I can’t even tell you my boosts yet, though I should get the research done in the next day or so. I currently also play on Arendyll but my FS doesn’t do much on the tourneys and that’s why I started a new game - to try a different FS that does do more with tourneys.

I’d love to chat with you if you still need members!


New Member
Ooh, looks like my boosts are planks, silk, and gems. Sorry it’s not what you need. I have the 3 boosts you’re looking for in Arendyll, not that that helps here.