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Humor in Covid Days

The Unbeliever

Well-Known Member

The Unbeliever

Well-Known Member
So we finally got to get together with my Aunt & Uncle this past weekend, after 11 months of being kept apart due to coof restrictions, and we all went out to dinner at a local Montana's.
As our waitress brought out our drink orders, I made sure to note to her that it was fortunate she'd given my Uncle his Coors in a mug.

When she asked me, "well, why is that so fortunate?"
To which I replied, "well, he's a Maple Leafs fan, so he's never seen a Cup!"


Lol No, because neither Banti (nor Swahili??) is part of google translate, and searching google is no better! Will you tell us?

It means "you get to guess". (Banti is an African language spoken by a group in northern Cameroon and Ethiopia. They got their first written version about 25 to 30 years ago so I'm not surprised Google is behind the times.)

My friend from Cameroon is responsible for it as I don't speak Banti. I just asked him how to say it.

I was in Cameroon once for a couple of weeks (and my knee has never quite recovered lol)! Most of that time I was in Korup Nat'l Park.