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"I Love THIS"


Well-Known Member
how about instead of pointing out the things we hate, maybe we should have an "I love THIS" thread. share the parts of the game you want to see more of or that work great.

I LOVE the multifunction evolving building. being able to choose, depending on my situation, whether I need seeds, sentient, etc instead of being stuck with only one thing is awesome. I am hoping to see more of these.

Soleil Nightbloom

Well-Known Member
Omg, I’m so glad someone else is sick of all the complaining! Anyway, I have been loving the different animations and artwork especially for the different guest races, they are hilarious. That is part of what keeps me goin. When I visit advanced cities that are in the later chapters it encourages me to go farther. Also, I really like the storyline and find it very interesting. So far, my favorite chapter overall has been Ch 10 and currently I’m liking Ch 13. Am I the only one who is following the storyline? Just curious.


I love how the game provides social and creative outlets! I have disability where I'm stuck in bed with pain a majority of my day and the city building aspect is a fantastic creative outlet for me, I enjoy the city graphics and playing Town Tetris, arranging my city every chapter to get everything to fit. The building size and configuration changes keep it fresh. I also really enjoy the friendships I have made in my fellowships, the game is a huge social outlet for me, and I will forever be grateful for my fellows--they keep the game fun!