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Hello i need help please anyone....


Oh Wise One
@SnowdancerNickie Without any idea of the specific problems you are having all I can offer is general advice. Here are 4 good general suggestions for a new player:
1. Focus on only producing your boosted goods. Make more than what you need and then trade the excess for the other goods on an even basis.
2. Find a good fellowship. An active FS will help you with trades, they can offer advice, and the rewards from the tournament can really help grow you cit.
3. Constantly upgrade. If at all possible, keep your builders constantly working. Don't stop till all residences, workshops, manufactories, armories, and barracks are at your current maximum level.
4. Try to keep buildings such as your workshops and manufactories constantly working. Shorter run productions are more efficient on a hour for hour basis and should be selected whenever possible. But if you know you are not going to be able to log in for awhile (such as overnight) set them on a 9 hour run so they keep working while you are sleeping.
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Welcome to the Forum @SnowdancerNickie! If you have specific questions you can ask them in the questions and help thread. We have a lot of incredibly helpful players here that are always happy to offer tips and suggestions. Otherwise, the Elvenar Wiki and the other outside resources linked above will be a great help to you.


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Welcome Snowdancer!
If you check out all the links posted here, you've got more info on the game than you really wanted, lol! Ask questions when you need to and good luck!