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If FA badges can't stack, how about an "Always On Top" feature for collection?

Grid Gypsy

Well-Known Member
Hopefully I tagged this correctly. I play almost entirely on PC, so this may not apply to mobile.

I think PC users all know how old it gets when having to switch in and out of the tournament windows for badge collection during FA, especially when you sometimes have a badge complete after each round. Additionally, trying to watch the indicator for badge completion through the shading that the tournament windows give to the background isn't fun either.

I propose that the FA tab be set to always on top, like the chat tab, so that collection can be done without having to close tournament windows and it can be seen more clearly when badges are ready to collect.


Well-Known Member
Badges should stack....

Whether its AWKP above 10 ( so 15,20,30 ) , MA VV of anything over 9....
(both of which are a huge waste during a FA), or just Collecting daily collects,
There are way too many ways to lose out, therefore just like MysticalObject
in MA , Badges should stack. ( not to mention how disruptive it is during tourn
to add 5-6 clicks to each encounter, when a badge can be collected )


Buddy Fan Club member
While I agree (most*) badges should stack, we've asked for that for so long, I've given up. I think @Grid Gypsy has an excellent suggestion for an interim measure while we keep trying to figure out why the devs are so resistant to this.
*I have concerns about the Druid Staff badge stacking. As a late chapter/long term player, I have all the benefits of long term collection of relics to produce CC's, multiple Libraries and the crafting supplies they provide, etc. My MA produces all CC's 24/7. During an event I don't collect them until I need them for a quest (since I have a good inventory of 500+ in one city and 1000+ in another and continue to collect from library farms/Pilgrim's Manor). At the end of one event, I got 50+ CC's when I collected in one city. Stacking seems an unfair advantage in collecting Staff badges, as I could easily save up and collect 50 badges when the FA launched. I don't think any of the other badges would be subject to this type of abuse from stacking, but may have missed something.