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If you were stranded on an island …


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
@Alram You're going to end up in the time-out room with @crackie over missing the dolphin in @Darielle's signature!
It's definitely not feeding on penguins, and it'll keeping away the sharks, so you're safe!
Wait, what? There's now a time-out room and I'm in it? Also like how on a deserted island, I somehow start out already in trouble. @Alram just brought in some Lord of the Flies vibes too. This island is getting worse and worse for me. We prob all got there cause we were sold a raw deal by the same terrible travel agent that sold me that vacation dream home on EN…


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
I have done some fishing with my cousins, but that was a loooooong time ago, lol. Still, I'm up for an adventure! :)


Flippers just flip
It has indeed taken a bad turn. You are in trouble for not seeing the dolphins and I'm in trouble for seeing them. Its like being 14 all over again. I say we wait until dark, blow up the rum and swim away while everyone is diverted.:cool:

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
FAwC, my FS, Fresh Air with Coffee. We've worked together for a long time and bring a diversity of skills. I'm sure we would survive and thrive. Okay, maybe the professor too but only if was to be a 3h tour.


Active Member
So new, so many to choose from….hmmmm

@muffy cause you’re creative and know everyone

@Yavimaya for asking clarifying questions

@fairyinbellbotto cause I thought hippie chick’s were a ‘60’s thing

@crackie cause I like sourdough and @crackie doesn’t

@SoggyShorts, @Mykan, @Dominionofgod, @Alram, @Ashrem, @ajqtrz @Henroo, @ed1960

and many, many more but my @ is wearing out...because with such a big group it would be a big island with lots of room to play.


Shroom Aficionado
So new, so many to choose from….hmmmm

@FairyInBellbottoms cause I thought hippie chick’s were a ‘60’s thing
I can dig it Tuschanreal! Being real, the hippie generation was going on in the 60s and 70s.... heck it's still goin on kiddo! I think I can help ya forage for some far out "Mushrooms" ;)
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Chef - loquacious Old Dog
@crackie for the humor, even when I don't always get it.
@SoggyShorts to see how long it takes him to cool off once he gets his dander up.
@samidodamage and @Henroo because they explain things so well and I would really need a lot explaining done on how to keep my hut from falling in when it rains.
@Darielle because she always sees both sides of an issue and is fair minded even when she disagrees
@MinMax Gamer and @shimmerfly for the math they do which I never understand. Being on an island should give them time to explain it to the slow ones among us.
@free-spirit for the entertainment and so MinMax and shimmerfly can calculate just how long before she starved to death.
@ed1960 and @BrinDarby because without guys like them we all would get into group think and make some seriously bad decisionss... probably leading to free-spirit starving to death!
@Muffy because every place needs a butterfly



Well-Known Member
Ha ah this is a good one...
@Muffy, of course because she has the Jager/Lager..
@helya cause she has the snacks!
And @mucksterme because I love his nonsensicle humor.

And @ajqtrz, You have me sooo wrong with the math thing. I hate math. I'm more of a right lobe person.. you know the artistic side.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
@crackie Did someone need something blown up ?
I feel like every time my name is mentioned in this thread, no good can come of it. I'm already starting on the island in captivity! Feels like I'm being brought to this island to be the scapegoat, and then who knows! In time, y'all are gonna *gasp* stare at the scapegoat with envious eyes and an open mouth full of drool...I DON'T LIKE IT!


Shroom Aficionado
@crackie ~ Let me tell it to you straight my friend.
I'm what is called a Pescatarian.
We have a lot in common with vegetarians. We eat fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans, eggs, and dairy, and stay away from Meat and Poultry.
But there's one way we differ: Pescatarians eat Fish. (;) Before you say anything, It's P-e-s-c not P-e-s-t!