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    Your Elvenar Team

I'll let you take credit for splitting the atom if you'll have me...


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So... I'm a kiwi but don't let that put you off - I do a very convincing "y'all" and would happily shift to the US to prove my allegiance except that I've been banned from leaving the country after being caught trying to conceal 50 lbs of crack. To be fair, it really wasn't my fault, the pants were waaayyyy too small and seemed to have been designed to expose butt cleavage. I have since changed my ways and now wear full bottom pants.

Now, I'm not expecting fellowship charity and offer myself wholly at your service (not really but it does sound good right?). I have no life/friends/goals/hopes/dreams so I play Elvenar obsessively and think I'd make a great team mate as I'm adept at polishing knobs and whatnots, encouraging builders and dropping a coin or two into the odd main hall; in fact I'm happy to help others shine in any way I can.

Since discovering Elvenar 4 months ago I've built 16 cities under 5 different user names (I'm 'that' dumb@rse who didn't realise you could have multiple cities under a single name, duh!) but have trimmed it back to 8 that I actively grow. I've previously joined other fellowships with mixed results - like the first one I joined might have actually been a morgue; the players were all dead or something because they never spoke or did any fellowshippy things and it kinda smelled funky so I packed my stuff and snuck out in the middle of the night. After that I found a great group but the AM seemed averse to humour and a bit of a dick-tator. I'm all good with rules and expectations so long as they're explained up front and not plucked out of the dark recesses of an AM's pants on a whim. I don't do drama but have a brain and a mouth (a dangerous combination to be sure) so may question why things are the way they are but do so to learn from more experienced players.

I'm reasonably "normal" according to the DSM-IV and my psychiatrist said I'm allowed to socialise unsupervised so long as there's no sharp objects at my disposal (clearly she's unaware of my wit!). Most people find me happy-go-lucky with a demeanor that's mildly nauseating but otherwise harmless (and the police issue ankle bracelet ensures I stay that way). If I need to explain that I'm joking right now then I'm probably not a great fit for your group as I come pre-programmed with a wealth of terrible jokes.

Fair warning - even though I'm very competitive, I'm sort of rubbish at fighting so rely on my considerable charm to woo enemies. But I do find blood sport appealing and am refining my skills with weapons (shhh don't tell my doc!).

I'm really hoping to find a fellowship that aims for 10+ chest weekly, likes to go for silver on the Spire and has snacks (ok, so the snacks thing is negotiable). In return I'll commit to daily visits, a 1600 point minimum in tourneys, full participation in events, and unlimited bad jokes. I could possibly rustle up a human sacrifice or two if required for entry but would prefer to not do that again.

I'm also looking for a fellowship on Fely and Cerawyn so recommendations are welcome.

You can view my rap sheet player stats here: https://www.elvenstats.com/player/us2/849081622
Boosts: Steel, Scrolls, Elixir
Score: 14,636
Rank: 16860
Chapter 4
Tourney average: 1749


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We are a ~12 chest Silver spire FS with a spot for someone who wants to help us turn into a Gold spire FS if you're interested.
Also, great bio!


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We are a ~12 chest Silver spire FS with a spot for someone who wants to help us turn into a Gold spire FS if you're interested.
Also, great bio!