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Hello I'm DomiTheElf


Hello, I started this game on a suggestion from another player I know from another game I play based in Germany also. I don't know how strict Inno and the Mods here are but over there I couldn't give the Inno name or Elvenar name. The game I play is a farming game by a company starting with B.

I have had the privilege to get to know many people from around the world. I have met a few in person. The person that recommended this is from the Netherlands, so I started on the international EN server. I didn't realize how many would be English. I was hooked, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this game exclusively or not. I have 3 cities on the EN server, all DomiTheElf. I didn't know the US server had so many worlds. EN server only has 3. I decided I wanted a game with people who would be closer to my schedule. I know even here I'm off, I'm in CA, but the difference isn't as bad as between CA and England, which is one hour behind CET.

So here I am. I really like this game and hope I can continue to play it for a long time. :)