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Hello Im newbie too...

welcome to the Game ElvenPhoenix:cool::)
Thank you! Can I ask some newbie questions here? Like when visiting neighbors it always says there is a treasure there but I've search and can't find anything? Or, when I first started exploring, I messed up big time with using the auto battle button. :oops: Even though, at first, I outnumbered them, I would lose. Of course, I lost interest losing my troops almost as quickly as I was producing them. Consequently, I dropped the idea of upgrading my barracks, etc. So, after discovering that costly mistake, my question is... "While I'm now in the slow process of upgrading, will I ever catch up so I can try out fighting with evenly matched opponents? I did get carried away with buying diamonds, etc and am currently either locked out from exploring new areas, or its simply way too difficult to ascertain the negotiating fees. There definitely a lot of truth in the saying "Learning through painful experience is one way of gaining wisdom, but asking someone with far more experience can help reduce that pain! This game definitely has some bugs, but its like life, Ask a question, be a fool for a moment, ask not the question, remain a fool. I do enjoy this game but It IS supposef to be fun, My mom didn't raise me to be a fool. Any helpful suggestion would be apreciated. Thanks! ElvenPhoenix
yes, bad internet can make it a little annoying. hope you enjoy your time here @ElvenPhoenix
I love your avatar, second to the Phoenixes, I have several pieces I've collected that for me, are a symbolic representation of inner strength! Of course, I didn't know they were avatars... being a newbie, I actually thought they represented these fellowships in this game... I'm learning! Truly this avatar is befitting of your chosen name... Thanks for the welcome. :) Elven Phoenix


Well-Known Member
Welcome ElvenPhoenix! As far as "treasures" are concerned, you'll be looking for a small blue treasure chest; they only appear in the following places. (You'll notice that nowadays, the background has more water in the upper-right and bottom-left corners...but this doesn't affect the treasure chests.)



Buddy Fan Club member
Welcome Elven Phoenix! Fighting is hard in early chapter map provinces; it gets easier. The best way to learn the battle system is using tournaments. Tourneys are available to anyone in a fellowship. They start off at 5% of your regular map squad size, so you lose fewer troops that have to be replaced while you learn. Fellowships offer lots of other benefits, too. To find one in the world you play in go here:
>>recommending Nebula Knights here, lol! The ArchMage @Atlashimmelbaerer is a member of our FS on Elcysandir and he'll be a big help to you!<<
Here are some links that should give you loads of info:
Forum Links:
Mykan's Guide is a comprehensive analysis of all parts of the game; you can find it here:
The tourney section of the guide is here:
The battle section of the guide is here:
A basic way to start fighting with better results until you learn more is here:
External links to sites provided by players:
A huge site with loads of info, Gems of Knowledge:
A site that provides statistical info on players/fellowships. Also can import your city to ElvenArchitect from there:
ElvenArchitect provides loads of info and a City Planner where you can play around with arranging/rearranging things in your city:


I love your avatar
Thank you. i do too. no matter if my sig changes, my avatar stays the same. :) it was made by a Druindar Faric here in the forum, but currently he is on vacation, living life and spending time with his family. But if you wish a avatar and/or sig, ask @Sir Squirrel. he did my sig, along with another one i have in store. and @LadyxChaos does great work too. :) hope you find what you like from either of the greats. :)
Truly this avatar is befitting of your chosen name... Thanks for the welcome.
thank you, and you are welcome. :)
Hello @ElvenPhoenix
You may need to hold back on scouting any more provinces for a wee bit until they get a little easier. You can build up your army and do some battle studying in the interim. And yes, you will catch up.
I wish you luck and most of all fun!
Thanks so much! Yes, that was the same conclusion I came to, I'm glad I discovered these forums.... This game really requires multifaceted strategizing which keeps my brain cells working! o_O And now that I found there are links that can help guide me so I don't get stuck? I'm confident I will make more mistakes while I'm figuring it all out... I have enough challenges in my life.... Are we having fun yet??? Well, I'm getting there. And I do enjoy solving puzzles!