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Communication Improve game's message editor?


New Member
The editor for messages within the game has none of the features available here in the Forums editor. It would be nice to be able to insert lists, tables, and links in messages to one's Fellowship. Since this editor is already implemented it seems there would be minimal cost.


Well-Known Member
Lol @defiantoneks
Didn't we do this on Beta a short while ago?
The ability to add or remove players to the list of recipients would be great.
An option to send a message to the leaders (and remove therefore the need to have 20 mages :rolleyes: ).
Messages that scroll normally.
Messages that aren't deleted after 40 days and nights.
I am sure I can think of more flaws.
I'm pretty sure you can put lists into messages. Because, I receive weekly messages from the Archmage recognizing the weeks high point earners along with a Fellowship report generated by Elvenstats. Group chat however has a room for improvement.