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In a fellowship BUT....


I am in a fellowship BUT they are not as active as I would like. I play several hours a day, every day. I play the tournaments even though I do not have a chance to get any rewards because of no fellowship help. I just started playing about a month ago and my rank is around 8500 and my fellowship score is around 5000. I am boosted in marble, crystal, and elixir. I like to do trades of 2-3 stars. I visit every 24 hours and try to do what others want done. I am constantly building my city. Come take a look if you want. :rolleyes:


Well-Known Member
Would you like to be a Grimm? :D
The Brothers' Grimm is a FS of very loyal members that are at all stages of the game. Some of us are daily players, while others are here 3 times a week. We have an active trader, participate in tourneys & some days/nights we are quite chatty. You would be most welcome to join us, if you'd like.


Thanks you. I got wait a little, since I just left the old one alli, but I'll make a new account and join, I'll submit request, Olivian Kane would be it it should be
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