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In-Between Time Extension


Active Member
The best part of this game is the time in-between the events and adventures. We can enjoy our groups and our cities without the quest niggling, and our goals are our own. It would be great if this time received a bit more attention, two-to-three weeks minimum, three-to-four preferred.


Well-Known Member
People can always ignore events and adventures. They're completely optional.
I like hitting the locked quests right away so I can relax for the rest of the event and I prefer a stress free one path per stage adventure.


The best part of this game is the time in-between the events and adventures.
No way. That's the most boring part actually.

Now, if players were able to expand their city at will and the array of buildings they could choose from were vaster, that would be a different story.



I agree it could be boring, but as one who often takes months between chapters I find the boredom is mostly a product of playing style. I like the long breaks because it gives me time to really upgrade everything, time space to use in the FA, and get ready for the next chapter. AND, I've always got at least one chapter to look forward too, as I take long enough for Inno to provide the next chapter...the one after the one to which I'm looking forward.

On the other hand, I think the OP meant a break from things other than building his/her city. If there were a period of time...a few weeks... once a year where everybody knew there would be no FA, event, Spire or tournament, maybe they would feel a bit like working more on their cities. Of course, this wouldn't work well, I don't think, since the events, tournaments and, especially Spire, provide a lot of things you need to build your city. Without them you'd probably slow down a bit rather than speed up.

In the end then, for me it's not the threat of getting bored, but, if such a "community vacation" were implemented I think most players would just get more frustrated. And that would drive some to leave, no doubt.

So the best course, as you and Alram suggest/say, is to simply take a break between chapters when you want a break, and to ignore all the extra things you wish to ignore.