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Discussion InnoGames TV - June Episode


Dear Humans and Elves,

Please leave your feedback on our newest episode of InnoGames TV in this topic!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


It seems like an implicit message from the video that humans have a better military than elves and that elves have better goods production than humans. Is there any truth to that?


Yes, it's true, and it's because Elves have to spend so much of their time looking fabulous.
  • :D Elves are the nobility.
  • :p Humans are the hoi polloi.


if oyu check the numbers in wiki, you see that all human units got more damage and a bit of less hp
also they got cerberus which can ccounter archers, sword dancers cannot really, the only advantage on elves military may be the treants toughness vs all melee units and the golems are also tough against archers, well, they are slow and low ranged so not really useful against melee

this only opens up different kind of resources as all provinces got the same troop setup, for example crystal seems to be the best for elves