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Introducing World Chat for US servers!


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Hiya everyone, we've asked for a world chat feature for long enough, and until Inno gets around to making one I figure we might as well make our own.
It's on Slack and everyone is welcome to join. (please use your Forum/ in-game name, not your RL name.
There is a General channel as well as a specific channel for each server that you can use for recruiting.

As a bonus, we made a "trade" channel for each of the servers so that we can swap sentient goods at 1:1 without having to take those garbage 1-star trades from you-know-who.
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Grid Gypsy

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My game name here is different from my discord game name. Who is the server admin?

You can change your own nickname in the Discord channel. In the top left corner is the channel name along with a \/, click that arrow, scroll down to "Edit Server Profile" and select it. You will then be able to choose a separate name specific to the channel and even a different profile pic if you want. The only people from the channel that will see you as anything else are those you happen to chat with in PM.


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what is the link to the slack group? Does my discord name have to match my player name to get into the sever? Right now, all I can see is a welcome page and I can't post.


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@SoggyShorts when I follow your slack link, it is a log in page with no option to create an account. Do you have to send me an invitation like discord, or do I use my elvenar log in?


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Yes, apparently you join a slack group by receiving an invite as it says: "There aren’t any invitations or Slack accounts for [email address]. If your team isn’t on Slack yet, you can create a workspace for them. "