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iPhone & WhatsApp + TV users?


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Pretty random place to ask this, but do any of you iPhone users know how to cast/mirror your phone to a Samsung TV?

The tv is smart, but not smart enough that I can download more apps. It does have a screen mirror input mode(like switching HDMI)
But the phone is the problem
I'm trying to set up my parents stuff but the apps I could find want either a subscription or a one time $30-50 purchase which as an android user with several 100% free methods seems insane to me.



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@SoggyShorts, I don’t know if this will completely answer your question, but iPhone should have a feature called “Airplay”, built in to the iOS; no second-party apps required. This will work on most Samsungs from 2018 or newer. You can enable in general settings, and can opt to have it automatically connect to TVs, or to ask before connecting. There is also a “screen mirroring” tile you get when you swipe up on the Home Screen.


https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204289 - that gives you the step-by-step

You can also get a lightning cable to AV adapter (again, though, that will cost you money, about $15-$20).

Good luck
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Ok so the whole "swipe up" is VERY different from my Android and it actually took me more tries than I want to admit to find that screen in your pictures.
This should work perfectly though, thank you very much!


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That’s how I feel when my sister hands me her Android phone, LOL, “how do I even answer a call on this thing?”
Haha I was in the hospital last year and my mom was there. She waited and held my bag while I was gone (tests, etc). When I got back, I found out she was so flustered and frustrated because my phone kept going off and she couldn't figure out how to shut up my Galaxy A11. Apparently she even had to ask one of the nurses to help. Thinking back, I realized there had been about five or six different Elvenar alarms set to go off during that time period. Poor mom. And I turned out okay, but my city suffered a bit that day. :rolleyes:
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Deborah M

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Interesting! I never even thought about this. So, does this mean I can sync my iPhone 12 Pro Max to my new 55" Samsung smart TV? It would be awesome to sit in my bedroom & do that! BIG Elvenar! I'm having blurry vision from Diabetes so.....