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Closed | Contact Support Is anyone currently experiencing problems with loading?

  • Thread starter DeletedUser22085
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Only part of my screen will load and I can't get to the world screen. My internet is fine. I've cleared cashe. Thoughts?


I've had some problems this afternoon with a generic server error message, but it finally let me in.


I have the problem with loading and suddenly quitting gameplay and going to my homepage like quite often in the game , and my internet's fine I've had it for quite some time. My problems seemed to have started after the last game update.


New Member
I've had problems loading for about 2 weeks. I was able to refresh and it would go through eventually. Everything else works fine so it is defiantly Elvenar that is the problem. Now it won't load at all. I refreshed 4 times. went back to the log in screen. Cant really do much else. Can't even start a support ticket because I can't far enough. This app won't work on my phone or tablet because they don't have the processing power. (had a support ticket for that. inno told me it was my problem and closed the ticket)

I am getting so frustrated with these people. The game I like. The programmers need to do their job and fix it. Simplify the code.