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Is Barracks training supposed to take forever?


New Member
The time to train in my barracks is soooo long. I have a single armory at lvl 27 and a level 1 Dwarven Bulwark, squad size is 2589. The stack training size varies though, but I can train a stack of 134 Treants. It takes 20+ hours to train 5 stacks; 4 hours 7 minutes to train 134 heavy melee troops in the barracks. I can train Orcs (comparable heavy melee (?)) in stacks of 402 troops in 1 hour 38 minutes. My merc camp benefits from the flying academy but even before I put that out it still beat barracks times, which are so long that I'd rather sell the thing and use the space to expand my TG and MC. My barracks is level 16, TG is lvl 10, MC is lvl 8. Even being several levels higher, the barracks trains less troops and takes three times as long. Is that the way it's supposed to be?


Well-Known Member
In addition to making sure you're keeping your barracks at max level (each upgrade increases the training speed), the AW Needles of the Tempest will increase your Barracks training speed.
Don't let the max level of those military buildings throw you off, the barracks has a much higher max level than the other two, so same level =/= same production. For example, in ch. 14, barracks max was 33, Training grounds was 24, merc camp was 16.


Well-Known Member
You TG is orc era, speed of 98
MC is wood elve era, speed of 164
Your barracks at level 16 is dwarf era with a base speed of 39. Unsure of your max but if I go with wood elves, if you had a wood elves era barracks (22-25) then its speed would be between 113 to 164.

Your barracks if it was max level would be as fast as your MC is currently. There are always some difference in speed due to tech tree and it varies between the 3 buildings. The wonders also impact that as you get needles early but the victory springs (for TG) comes much later.

If you level it up you will find it trains at a comparable speed. The wiki has lots of information with the different speeds.


Well-Known Member
For the most part, having a long training time is good. You will not have idle time in your troop buildings overnight.

However, for those crunch times when you really need troops fast, it can be frustrating.

There is a handy little slider at the bottom of the troop menu that you can use to produce a smaller group of troops. That will enable you to get some out quicker.


New Member
Thank you @Mykan and @NightshadeCS for those detailed answers and the hint about changing training size, I can definitely see a use for that. My biggest concern was that it would take a solid day to train 5 stacks of certain troops and I was completely unable to figure out why (and not using the barracks because of it). With @Bricabrac and your help I feel like I get this now. I've added a few levels to the barracks, I think it's in Faeries now lol, and I'm rearranging to make space for some Shrooms and a Pyramid when I get into the Amuni chapter.
Thank you all so much for your help.