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ISeeking a FS

I am a vey active player who is addicted to this game. I left an inactive group after 2 months as they didn't want to do Tournaments. I want a FS that is active and wants all 10 chests. I will contribute and participate in all activities. I will trade and help all others.
Come find me, please. HELP me grow to be a strong, powerful and content being in this world.

Venar El

Active Member
you might want to write a motivated application to the fellowship Caladan, they do 10 chests weekly, and its a sister fellowship to the #3 fellowship Arrakis on Elcysandir. If you get into their group you will be very good off!


New Member
Wild Azure is focused on bringing up our members. Although we have not gotten to 7 chests yet, we nearly did this week. We also have finished in the top 40 in the last two Fellowship Adventures, and we have fun doing it.
The great thing is, if you don't feel it's a good fit, you can try another. Hope we see you! I think we would hit it off.
Ok, an update on seeking a FS. I found one and am loving it. ILLUSION in Elcysandir. There is room to grow with a very active and available Archmage. We will continue to grow with only a few spots open. Very happy siren here.