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Join Active Fellowship

Sir Bently

Sir Bently here I am currently in Fangs and Fire but im looking for a more active fellowship , at this present time I am a level 3 about to be level 4 I like to chat and get to know the members of the team; to communication is important and needful with that saying I am looking for a more active fellowship


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
I know you've heard me say this before, but for anyone who may happen to read this, I'll post my opinion on finding the perfect fellowship that's right for you:

1, Click on your score while in game (in the upper left of the screen) and then click on the fellowships tab. Scroll through the fellowships, paying attention to their "overview." If there's nothing there, I would pass because I'd be afraid they don't take the time to define their fellowship. That's just me ... some fellowships are great without ever having put up a welcome note in their overview. But most of the time, the most active and engaging ones will have a good overview. You can get a feel for the fellowship from that. Do they have a lot of rules you don't like or can't meet? Do they sound unfriendly? Pass them by.

2. Gather a list of at least 5 fellowships that you like based on their overviews. Go to elvenstats.com and put each one individually in the "fellowships" tab. Make certain that you are selecting the right fellowship for your world. Some fellowship names are in more than one world and they can be very different from one another.

3. On each of them, look for the following things: First, check what boosts they need. If the fellowship is in desperate need of the things that you also need, and have too many of what you have, that probably won't be a good fit (although there are exceptions, but it's not usually good for newer players). 2nd, check to see if the members of the fellowship have a black triangle next to their name. If I saw more than one or two with a black triangle, I'd pass on that fellowship as not being active enough to suit me. 3rd, if the tournament is important to you, check how many chests they get in the tournament and whether you would be a good fit for their level. If you really want 10 chests and can do at least 1600 points each week in the tourney, but they only get three or four chests as a group, you might be disappointed. Lastly, scroll all the way down and see how stable their team is. If half a dozen people have left within the past week, that may mean nothing ... or it may mean that there is trouble in paradise. I'd want a stable group.

After you find one or two groups that you really like and that fit all of the above criteria, then it's time to write to the Archmage or recruiting mage and tell them a little about yourself and that you'd like to join their group. If they allow open membership, you can click on "apply," but don't rely on that alone to get you in. Some people forget to check that page, so write to someone in charge and tell them a bit about yourself. That's the quickest way to get in. Apply to only one group at a time ... if the first one doesn't reply within 48 hours, then try the alternate.

This, I think, is the best way to find a good fit. Good luck!