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Recruiting Join the Realm of Tranquility


Active Member
Join the Realm of Tranquility, we'd love to have you!
We still have more than one opening, please apply before the next Event starts.
We play the Spire and Tourney and will gladly share the weekly Blueprint with you, yes, we get 10 chests each week.
Check us out....
To join us, contact me, SuMac, or any of the mages; in game is fastest.
Happy gaming and Cheers.
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Active Member
Join us before the next Tourney starts.
We had a very successful FA this time, got a ton more price and perks than in previous FAs.


Active Member
Join before the Adventure starts...
We have an openings for a player who enjoys the game and the tourney. We are a great fellowship, zero drama, and love working on our cities. Contact me or SuMac in game :)


Thanks Rowdie.. yes please come join our long running FS. Most of us have been together for years. We strive for 10 chest in tourney, constant trading, active chat. We enjoy sharing information and helping each other grow.