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July 12 2022 Tournament


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They also go in order of inventory listing. So after Plank, the T2s start.

Marble->Steel->Plank->Crystal->Scroll->Silk->Elixir->Dust->Gems->Back to Marble


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As @CrazyWizard has said, hovering over the inactive Tournament button on the world map will tell you what the next tournament is.

On Mobile, however, you can get that information by checking the Tournament rankings from the Rankings window (not the fellowship window)

Trying this on PC won't tell you that info. It will tell you what the previous Tournament was (so long as one isn't currently running) so you can infer what the next tournament will be since it's always marble, steel, planks, crystal, scrolls, silk, elixir, magic dust, and gems. In that order. In the order it appears in the Goods drop-down menu on the top bar.

You can also make the same inference if you were in a fellowship during the previous tournament by checking the Tournament rankings from your Fellowship Window, where it'll tell you what you got from the prizes awarded as a group (as opposed to the individual awards gained from beating up provinces). The relics earned from those chests will always match the flavor of tournament it was earned in. In this case, it was steel. So the next will be planks. The following image is from mobile, but the same info can be gotten from the PC version. Just not quite as pretty as mobile.

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Why elengems?

Go to the world map, and hoven your mouse on the tourney Icon, it will show what kind of tourney it will be and how much time is left / untill it starts
I play on mobile and it doesn’t show that information, but I was glad to find out from Zoof’s post that it shows up in the rankings window. I know that they are sequentia, but my old brain doesn’t remember as well as it use to. I forget which one I played as soon as it’s over. Out of sight-out of mind is how I live my life now;)