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Just an Old Dawg looking for a home in Harandar


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Disabled VET trying to learn the rules and regulations of Elvenar for the first time. I've tried to play on my own but have found it to be slow going with just a few neighbors to assist. I’m currently through chapter 1 getting ready for Chapter two. I’m boosted with Marble, Planks, and Steel. I've been active since I started, playing 3-5 times a day/1-3 hours each time, learning the game.
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Soleil Nightbloom

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Hi WeeLittleElf!

The Rising Stars is a fellowship for newer players between chapters #1-6 who are trying to figure out the game and who might have questions to better their own game play. This fellowship trades all the time (2-star/3-star trades) and visit each others cities regularly. We only ask that you visit at least 3 times a week to participate in the weekly tournament, spire, and FA. If this sounds like a good fit for you please fell free to message me here or in-game. We would love to have you!

Soleil Nightbloom (Mage)