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Just finished a chapter...


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I am considering holding off building all the chapter buildings until after the FA. I have some techs to research but if I get them all done what is a good thing to do while I wait for the FA besides twiddling my thumbs?

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
Between the rest of the event and the time in between it and the FA, you have a little over 3 weeks to kill. Best thing to do is make sure all your stuff is maxed out and ready for the new chapter and get at least the first research of the new chapter completed, so that all the buildings you will win during the rest of the event will be for the new chapter, not the old one.


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Looking at your city via ElvenStats, you're dealing with the Woodelves chapter.

If chapter 9 is the chapter you moved into and began work on, then I'd suggest filling out all researches that you're able to and to build the Forest Glade and as many Forest Fabrications as you can. DO NOT UPGRADE THEM; you'll be demolishing them before FA starts. You'll be using them to collect as many Mana Tears as you can so that when you rebuild them after the event, you can jumpstart your settlement for real. Once you've got the portal up to max level, it becomes straightforward to PP the rest of the way through the chapter. Researching the grafting sites is completely unnecessary if you go that route.

If you're hanging around on chapter 9 about to enter 10, then there's not a whole lot you can preload your chapter goods with, aside from the miniscule amount of Apprentices you'll get from building a standalone Wisdom Square.

Taking a break is also an option. Or maybe bulk up on goods/troop manufacture to improve (if needed) your Spire/Tourney game, then stash away the stuff you don't want to rebuild via Teleport.

EDIT: Full post edit. I didn't like how I typed any of it out.
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Thanks for the answers. I have just entered chapter 10. I think I will hit a few techs and upgrade my AW's. I have been reworking my city a bit and can probably get ready if their are some size changes.