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Hello Just started and LOVIN it!


New Member
Hello :)

I just started the game last night and I am really enjoying it! I LOVE elves, dragon, magical creatures... and the animation is so cool on this game! Everything is really interesting and eye-catching.

I believe I'm in chapter I. (the chapters relate to the "Research Book" right?) I do have a question/need advice on fighting. The Easy provinces or whatever I took care of easily, trading and mostly fighting. I am a "Hard" level now... and obviously it's hard. I wanted to know, should I wait to get to a higher level? I don't see any Research options coming up that would make my army stronger... Should I just take the hit? (facing like 16 Orcs, or 9 Orcs, 3Cannoneers). I'm losing like 2-3 squads per fight.

I don't want to use up too much gold on negotiating. I was wondering if I could learn strategy perhaps. I really enjoying fighting and would rather rely on strategy in the long run.


Active Member
Hi Selamta! Welcome to the forum! And the game!

Chapter 1? Yes, that means you are in the first section of the Research Tree (or Tech Tree).

While I am not the best fighter, I do enjoy it. I would be careful about scouting out past "Medium" - the provinces you scout will remain "Hard" or "Very Hard" throughout the rest of your game play, so try to conserve and only scout when you have to - the "Easy" or "Medium" ones. I know it's easy to do to get more space in your city, but that will come eventually, without scouting out the "Hard" or "Very Hard" provinces. Your scouting costs will go down with each chapter in the Tech tree, so yes, wait.

Edit: Btw, what world are you in?


New Member
Thank you!

Oh, good question as I don't understand the worlds. I am in Harandar. Do people usually play in more than one world? How do people pick the worlds and how are the worlds different?


Active Member
Well, I don't remember how I got in the first world I was in, but people play it all different ways, so there's no right or wrong way - one or more worlds - to play it.

I played Elvenar in one world for over a year before I decided I could do more than one city, but I'm sure there are people who just go and create cities in all the worlds right off the bat. (I wouldn't suggest doing that, just saying there probably are people who do.) I would take it slower(obviously) and I'm glad I did too. I would suggest you build up your city until you get a trader and then join a fellowship. A lot (not all) of the fellowships ask that you have one so they can trade with you. You will get it soon enough - chapter 2? 3? Early on though.

When I did venture out I picked a world I thought I could pronounce. LOL I'm sure other people have other reasons for choosing the world they did. Some worlds are older than others, and perhaps have more players because of that, not sure.

Boy, I'm not helping you much, am I? Maybe someone else will come by that can explain things better than I. Hope so, for your sake! =)


New Member
Haha! I still appreciate your message!

I just got the trader. Jeez, they're asking for like 1500+ stuff and I have like 60 planks lol..... haha Do I need to upgrade my buildings lot before I can trade?


Active Member
No, you can trade whatever amounts you can afford - someone will pick them up. I pick up small trades all the time. When you get so much, it doesn't matter, you know? (Not trying to brag, but 100 planks or 100 steel is not going to affect you when you have 100K+ of it. lol)

EDIT: While you do not need to upgrade buildings to trade, you might want to upgrade them to trade more. Btw, are you only producing your boosted goods? No factories of the other two, right? That's really the way to go!


Well-Known Member
Hi @Selamta Welcome to the game and to the forum! Once you open your trader you can start to trade what you have to get started. But yes, generally speaking the idea is to keep unlocking tech in your tree, keep upgrading your factories, workshops and residences to keep up with the supply demands of goods, etc. It's a not a bad idea either to look into joining a fellowship. There are a ton out there which are very happy to bring aboard new players, give great advice and are quite generous with trades to get you over some of the bigger hurdles for new players.
Anyway, glad you found the game and glad you found the forum too! Welcome :)

hvariidh gwendrot

Well-Known Member
welcome to the game
harandar is the newest world, the game assigns you one when you join like your spot on the map
opening page should have the worlds listed if you wanted to multiworld
and you should be fine to join a fellowship .. they can be very helpful with trades and info and chatting .. there is a tool outside the game elvenstats.com it has all the worlds the players and the fellowships, so you can look to make sure it is active and helpful


New Member
Thanks for the help guys! :D I didn't think I would get so many responses so quickly. <3

@truelinor haha I did make a factory for each good :p -- and upgraded them to lvl 3 haha. But I know my boost is the wood. But noted for other worlds! ( you do still have to unlock all three in the Research Tree right?)


Well-Known Member
Hello and welcome!

My first world is Khelonaar. I play in all the worlds though. I do tend to concentrate on the first world because I only played one world for a quite some time.

It's always nice to say hello to new players. Anything you need to know, ask in the forum ... there is always someone who is willing to share their opinion or knowledge on the subject.

Best advice I can give... play the game the way that makes you happiest!


Hello, Selamta, welcome to the forum. The main things to remember in building your city is to only build your boosted items. (If you click on your main hall and look in the relics tab, you'll see certain items highlighted. Those are your boosts. Don't build other factories; just build your boosts and trade trade trade for all the other goods. Believe me, building non-boosts is a waste of space and resources. unless you're in a complete wasteland.

Stick around on the forum and you'll be a pro before you know it. Good luck to you!


Welcome to the game, I've also an elven city in Harandar, feel free to ask any questions.

As relates towards the early game combat, it's more time efficient to rely upon the auto-combat system that's in place. And most of the early game combat is fairly simplistic so if you can successfully match strengths vs. weaknesses then it should result in a minimal number of lost troops. However you won't want to expand your world map too rapidly or you start seeing the game hard-blocking your attempts. Very Hard is about where it's not usually worth making attempts towards it, so long as you tackle things that are Hard or below you shouldn't have too much difficulty.


Well-Known Member
Selamta , welcome to Elvenar! I started out opening multiple cities, but have retired most of them. I am mainly in 3 realms now (Ceravyn, Khelonaar & part time in Winyandor). Harandar is our newest realm & hubby says I am not allowed to open a 9th city. LOL Lots of great friends here in the Forum that have helpful advice.
Happy building!


Well-Known Member
Hi Selamta.
I play in Harandar, you are welcome to look me up. The answer to the question is, the game chooses a location where players are needed, usually one of the later four realms, and deposits a new account there. You can use the feature ElvenStats to look up your Forum friends and locate a different realm if you wish, to try the other race for example :)