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Hello just starting


Well-Known Member
Played on phone for two months now on PC need help with battle skills. Format different. See hexagons but not sure how to engage warrior. Phone must use auto play. Tanks for the help. Sneed
There are some very savvy players who have this figured out. I am not one of them. My solution to this problem is to pick the troops, click fight. and look at the field and if my troops are at a disadvantage, surrender and rearrange them or maybe even pick different troops. There are some tutorials on www.gamersgemsofknowledge.com


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Manual battles are a bit tough to learn to maneuver! When you hover over your active fighter, you will see hexes outlined in yellow; the solid yellow ones are the spaces that unit can move. Click on the solid yellow hex where you want them to move. The 'click' spot is a bit off center. Then hover over the enemy unit you want to strike; a red bow and arrow will appear for ranged attacks or a red sword for non-ranged if they are in range of your fighter's strike. Click the enemy unit and your unit will attack. You can also hover over the enemy units before choosing where to move. If you can move into strike range, the enemy will show one of those red pop-ups. There will be red outlines for where that unit can move on its next turn. You could just click to strike the enemy at that point, but the AI can be dumb and doesn't always select the best place for moving your unit to make that strike, and could move you to a position that blocks another of your fighters, thus my suggestion to move your unit first, then attack.


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Well thank all for the fine welcome. Am trying to grow two fellowships so I will be looking around to learn format here and Will have many more questions. Thanks for the help! Sneed