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Knowledge Point Clubs - an analysis


All anyone needs to know is where your team is working and then you are the ones that are donating to all of the rest of Elvenar who come in and snipe all the shards from you guys.
If somebody is stupid enough to sponsor a rotation club, with fixed contributions, then yeah. they're begging to be sniped.

Stupid Approach: IF the AW needs 240 points to level, and the fixed amount progression is:
  • 6+6+6+6+6 = 30
  • 12+12+12+12+12 = 60
  • 18+18+18+18+18 = 90
  • 24+24+24+24+24 = 120
  • 30+30+30+30+30 = 150
  • 36+36+36+36+36 = 180
  • At this point the club would be ripe for the picking. (240-180+36)/2 = 96/2 = 48 so a Jump contribution of 48 points would capture 1st place
  • 42+42+42+42+42 = 210
  • But now there's no point as (240-210-42)/2 = -12/2 = -6 so 6th place is the best that an outsider would be able to do.
  • 48+48+48+48+48 = 240
  • Which levels the Ancient Wonder, but NOW the fellowship has the problem of the "unfair" 1/2+1/4+1/8+1/16+1/32 award distribution
  • Like I said - it's a stupid, ill conceived approach.
What's even worse, the rotational clubs typically give each participant one turn each WEEK so, on average, the club members will have 6*120=720 KPs that are idle. Every week one of the AWs will always be vulnerable to cheery picking for the entire week.

An equally serious problem is that the end-game folks, who DO have a lot of extra KPs that they need to invest, can't invest them in the club's AWs without disturbing the rotational balance, so they have to find additional swaps, or participate in more than one KP club.

Reverse Chicken Approach: Folks are allowed and encouraged to contribute however many Knowledge Points they have left over at the end of the day's activities, so long as they average at least 6/24=25% of their daily allowance.

Here's how the progression goes if you just go with the flow and allow a contribution pattern that nicely matches the award percentages, rather than expecting everybody to march in lockstep.
  • 24+24 = 48 (1st day)
  • 48+48+6+6+6 = 114 (2nd day)
  • 72+72+12+12+12 = 180 (3rd day)
  • Now it's time for a Jump Contribution (240-180)/2 = 60/2 = 30
  • 102+72+12+12+12 = 210 (1st place and 2nd place have been nailed down)
  • Now it's time for another Jump Contribution (240-210)/2 = 30/2 = 15
  • 102+72+27+12+12 = 225 (3rd place has been nailed down)
  • And then a final jump contribution (240-225)/2=15/2 = 8
  • 102+72+27+20+12 = 233 (4th place has now been nailed down)
  • Anybody can now toss in the final 7 points without effecting anybody's position and 1st place has the most to gain by completing the level
  • 109+72+27+20+12 = 240 and the AW has leveled in 3 days
  • 45%+30%+11%+8%+5% is the contribution distribution, which is nicely proportional to the awards distribution
  • AND, significantly, the AW was leveled in half the time, with variable contribution amounts
  • The folks who didn't make any jump contributions during this round, will be able to do so during the next round, to that averages out as well.
  • AND, significantly, there was never an opportunity for cherry picking. At every stage the contributions were portional to the awards.
  • It's inherently fair, and it's FAR more interesting. We've been running an FoE club this way for 2 years now.
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