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Knowledge Points for Advanced Scouts Research?


Well-Known Member
I am about to enter chapter 4. I have one research bar filled but not completed (I'm waiting for a Research a Technology quest). I have 45 of 50 provinces completed to unlock the chest. I can see what resources I will need to complete the Advanced Scouts research. However, I can't see (or I am blind) the number of Knowledge Points required. I also did some Google searching and couldn't find a resource with KP costs for this research. Can someone help me either see where it says this in the game or point me to an outside resource that has the information? This will help me be prepared when the provinces are completed. (I'm completing the province encounters for event quests.)



Well-Known Member
I don't think it's visible anywhere except behind the chest, which is obviously blocking your view. And I'm not sure about an external resource having it listed. But I can see the completed tech in my tech tree. :)


Well-Known Member
Thank you! I have 52 KP saved so far, so once I have the 5 provinces completed I'll have more than enough!


Well-Known Member
Not sure about your phone, but on mine I can see the KP requirements below and behind the chest requirements. This is the fairies/orcs chest.