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Laid back fellowship looking for team players

Andira Panthur

New Member
Garden o Underpants are looking to replenish our ranks. About half of our active players have left the game for various reasons over the last couple of months and it is starting to feel a bit lonely.
If you are highly ambitious, GoU is likely not for you. We are laid back, no rules, no requirements, RL comes first (quite a few of us work long hours), but still a bunch of friendly, experienced players who enjoy teamwork and camaraderie.
Trades are usually picked up quickly, in our heyday we got to 6 chests in tourney and placed in top 30 in FA. We currently have 3-5 active spire players, depending on the week and it would be great to expand on that to gain some more multiplayer rewards.
Chat can be quiet, but feel free to speak up, somebody is usually around.
If that sounds like the right fit for you, please contact Andira Panthur or Nopen3ss and we'll get you sorted :).


New Member
You sound like a group I would like to be in. I also work long hours, and I do not do a lot of chatting. I'm new to the forums due to I had some difficulties getting registered. It wouldn't let me in. Finally got that sorted. I wanted to try out the spire quest. Is it still going on? Because I can't fine it anywhere. Hope to hear from you thanks.

Andira Panthur

New Member
Thank you for your interest! I also sent you a message in game. The spire is a weekly thing, like the tournament. You need to be in chapter 3 before it becomes available.