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Recruiting Laid back Sinya FS seeking 3 new tourney-oriented players - weekly BP guaranteed!


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Hello, Elvenar forum!

It's been a while. But though I haven't been very vocal here, I have been active in my cities. ♥

Currently, my Sinya FS is seeking 3 2, as of 20 May new players who are willing to play the tournament each week and get blueprints plus as many extra chests as we can. We are, with a complement of 20 (2 players haven't unlocked the tourney research yet), currently obtaining at least the 10th chest each week. We got 11 this week.

So, you'd be joining a solid-scoring group who work together to put forth the necessary effort to meet our goals.

We encourage Spire participation, but it is not a requirement of the group. So if you feel you need to split your time between them, with us you don't have to. We do, however, offer sample negotiations and are willing to discuss strategies with you if you want to climb the Spire in addition to playing the tournament.

Our ElvenStats page shows that we should be recruiting scrolls and dust players, but we won't turn you away just because you don't have one of those goods! We will happily accept active players, though admittedly, as a tourney-focused group, we would prefer players who have completed the tournament research (if your account was created after that was added in to the game and it applies to you).

What you can expect from us:
  • a blueprint every week that you participate in the tournament
  • an active AM (currently me, but usually Aqua; she had an RL issue and needed a break) to address any issues within the group
  • participation from your fellow FS members enforced by the AM
  • visits at least 3 times each week
  • a focus on increasing the free daily KP Perk until it's maxed out
  • Bronze Spire (we never fail to get at least that, so if you defeat the first boss, you will get 50 diamonds at the end of the week), with occasional Silver Spire
  • friendly explanations of game mechanics if you have questions from various members of the FS, which allows you to get multiple perspectives
  • freedom to grow your city - the only requirement on buildings is boosted goods manus to promote a healthy trade environment
  • Freedom to choose whether to participate in the FA.
  • optional participation in a round robin AW KP exchange (everyone gives what they're able to fill the current member's AW before moving on to the next - very helpful when you're in later levels with 2000+ KP required!)
  • 2-star or 3-star trades (we don't limit crosstrades, but neither do we require members to accept them) with the trader checked at least twice each day
What we would expect from you:
  • Weekly participation in the tournament with a graduated-scale minimum score not required to exceed 2000 points.
Our graduated scale means that you complete a number of provinces equal to your chapter to the fourth star. The exception to this is if you are past chapter 13. No one is required to score over 2000, and any player at chapter 13 or later is only expected to complete 13 provinces to the fourth star (the score would be 2028 if that is done, but any combination that reaches 2000 would be fine).​
For example, in Sinya, my city is in chapter 7. So, my minimum score each week is 1092. I score much more than that, but this would be the least I am expected to do.​
(Scores can be determined by using the ElvenGems Calculator if you prefer prizes in later stars of earlier provinces.)​
This is one thing that is "micromanaged" - players are expected to meet this requirement since the tournament is the focus of our FS.​
  • Visits at least 3 times per week.
  • 2-star or 3-star trades.
  • Only boosted goods manufactories in your city.
  • Communication if you need to be away from the game.
So if you're looking for less Spire focus in a group in Sinya Arda that is guaranteed to get a blueprint each week, come check us out!
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Update - looking for 2 dedicated Tourney players. :) We've had two new additions to our team this week, but we had to let one player go for non-participation. So, we still have two openings and if you're looking for tourney-focus with guaranteed blueprints each week, please check us out!

(Some of us do play the Spire, but it is not a requirement of the group to do so. If that's not your cuppa but you still want the blueprint, maybe we'd be a good fit! ♥)


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We're still looking for 2 more players, so if you're thinking about switching your FS in Sinya - or just joining one for the first time, check us out!

We offer free virtual, zero-calorie brownies (elven magic is awesome!) and we currently have 4 free KP to give away daily.

And we just unlocked chest #11 this week - mind you, this isn't with a full roster. So if you join us, you know you're joining a solid tourney team. ♥

Sinya Tourney 02 June 2023.jpg

I left the date/time stamp on it so you could see it's today, given that we've had two planks tourneys in a row. :D


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If you're looking for a BP each week and you're not overly invested in doing both Tourney and Spire, we still have two positions open.

And for our first time trying to get a good score in the FA (we have previously just been interested in getting one route on each map so we get the prize), we ranked at number 18!


So we did get the Bronze Guards culture building as well as a nice boost towards getting our next free KP Perk.


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This morning, when there were still 36 hours left in the tourney, we had already breached chest #10. :D


As you can see, we don't have 25 players (and we're about to have a couple of slots more open up), so there's still room for you to join us and get a guaranteed blueprint next week - as long as you've activated the research in chapter 5 for tourneys.

Recap on requirements:
- Everyone is expected to get 4 stars in a number of provinces equal to their current chapter. (Which is why I'm about to let some people go.)
-- ex: You're in chapter 5, you do 4 stars in 5 provinces and get a score of 780. That's it. :)
-- but no one is expected to score more than 2000 points. So you never have to go above province 13, even if you're at the last research in the research tree for the whole game when you join us. Can you? Absolutely. I try to complete 6 stars on at least 20 provinces weekly. (I'm in chapter 8 in Sinya.)
- Boosted manus only.
- 2 or 3 star trades.
- Visit fellows 3 times per week. (That's really not a lot at all, and it helps us get to the next Perks purchase.)

What we offer you:
- Guaranteed weekly blueprint, so long as you do your part.
- Fair trades in a robust trading environment.
- Advice and tips when you want them - just ask! ♥
- Virtual, no calorie brownies baked with Elvenar love and magic.
- a round robin thread for AW KP "swap". It is not required - participation is entirely voluntary. We fill the hearted AW of the person whose turn it is, then move on to the next person's hearted AW until it's full. Everyone seems to like this model in our FS, and the AWs fill rather quickly.
- A drama-free zone.

And, for those who do like to play the Spire, we got Silver this week without the use of Perks points. That's just from voluntary participation as we do not require anyone to play any part of the Spire. (Recommend it if you want the diamonds since we do get Bronze without fail, so if you defeat the first boss, you'll get 50 :diamond: and some other goodies.)

Also, in the seventeen hours since that image this morning, we've secured chest #11:


So come join us and get your blueprint every week!


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We still have openings! As we're a tourney-oriented FS, if you're looking to join us before the tourney opens tomorrow, we're considering applicants. :D

(Note: you cannot play in the FA if you move to a new FS. So if you are in an FS and you're wanting to switch, know that you won't get any more FA prizes if you do so while the FA is ongoing. This is also true of the current week's Spire.)

A note on our round robin thread: as far as I can recall (and we do reset the threads when they get long), we've never taken more than 1 week to fill someone's AW, which only happens with those that are higher level (like most of mine). We have on occasion filled more than one player's AW in one day. So this benefits everyone who participates in it - but it is not a requirement.

Come join us to get your weekly blueprint!