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Landzend (Recruiting) 1-3 members!


We have room for 1-3 active members, regardless of level. If you’re bringing more than yourself, message me so I can make room for you all.
We’re a no-drama group that works well together and has fun.

We have only a few guidelines and those are around participation. We welcome players of all levels in the game and love helping you grow in the game. We promote those who are active and go the extra mile to lead and guide the Fellowship in it's many aspects. Ambassadors and Mages get votes and opportunities to shape the fellowship.
We have a successful KP Share program to help you build your Ancient Wonders. We're active in Fellowship Adventures and have a great Strategist guiding us. We love holidays and events as well as Tournaments. We currently have 1 push week of tournaments a month but most of us participate in tourney's weekly.
We do not have mandatory Spire participation, though many of us love the Spire!
Hope to see you in our Fellowship soon!


Hiya everyone! We have 2 spots open before the next FA begins. Please join us if you’re active, and want to have some fun with a nice group.