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    Your Elvenar Team

Like to get top rewards for hitting the top of the spire?? Enjoy tourneys?? Like to have fun and share tips and knowledge?? Join us

Commonwealth is a group of players who like to play the game regularly. We chat and have fun. We also like to do well. And we love that people have other important things to do besides just play Elvenar.

We worked up to getting 10 chests and now have done it well over a year straight. We love bashing shady characters, love the rewards and love how they help our cities thrive. Now we have worked up to the top of the spire and have made it 2 weeks straight. We love the extra diamonds and time instants and how they help us grow even faster.

We need a couple of folks who like to do the spire and tourneys. You should probably be over 100k in ranking points and have done well in tourneys for several weeks. You also should have gotten past the frog in the spire at least once. The rest we can help you with and probably learn from you as well.

Check in with trimps (Archmage) or a mage in the game!