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Long-time player LF active FS


New Member

I've played elvenar on and off for a long time(since 2017) and always played very casually. I got to somewhere around faeries, so while I never got extremely far, I'm very familiar with the game itself.

I'm currently in a temp FS, while I try to find a forever home! As a player I really prefer fighting(but as a completely new elves player, ill be catering for a while) and I really love to push spire(free diamonds and supply!) and I always complete every province I have explored for tourneys. I'm active daily(7 visits a week), though might not be able to chat a ton(work and school) but I try to log in 1-4 times a day for trades, tourneys, and to just chat with the FS!

Although I would call myself a casual player, I'm looking for a FS that almost everyone does spire, the tourney, active trades, etc.

My city is VERY new. I'm only at around 1200 points, however I'll be growing as fast as the game will allow my right now.

I'm boosted in planks/scroll/dust.

I look forward to finding like-minded players and a home!

The best place to contact me would be ingame! My name is as same as the forums, however I don't check forums often. Thank you!