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Looking for a better guild.


2.4k score and growing daily player
Steel/Scrolls/Elixer boosts
Steadily grinding through chapter 2.

Yes I'm a newer player at this but I'm looking for a fellowship that averages better than 5 chests a tournament, preferably somewhere closer to 10. However my settling point is somewhere closer to 5, perhaps this seems aggressive for a newer player but I think I will be a useful investment if given a spot somewhere that suits my needs.

Soleil Nightbloom

Well-Known Member
Hi Frappuccino!

The Rising Stars is a growing fellowship that was designed for newer players ranked between #1-6, to help you with growing your city, trade will fellows and/or ask any questions you may have.

We are currently a 3 Chest Tournament fellowship (looking to increase) - and looking forward to a team effort for any Group Quests, The Spire, and Fellowship Adventures!

This is a drama-free place where everyone helps one another, where we treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves, and where we can relax and enjoy the game!

We have a great crew of 'serious but relaxed' players who post 2-star/3-star trades and visit everyone most days (a least 3 times a week), who partake semi-seriously in Tournaments; who believe that the well-being of the fellowship is just as important as their own game - and who will notify us when they will be away for one week or three weeks, by notifying us in the group chat and posting in your city name.

Our only other 'rule' is that players should have lots of fun!

If this this sounds like a good fit for you message me so that I can send you an invite.

Soleil Nightbloom (Mage)


Hey Frappachino, we are at 8 chests per week, and looking for more! We play spire and tourney hard. Fun helpful group who will provide trade help, and much more. Check out R.U.S.T. And give me or a mage or Archmage a message. We are short a couple of players right now! Thanks, Endoryl


I have Returned.

Went AFK for a while b/c of Real Life.

Back and searching.

Closer to 10 Chests on tournaments the better I like it.

Soleil Nightbloom

Well-Known Member
I’m so glad you’re well and you are doing better! We’ve been busy since you have been gone, just hit 11 chests this past tourney and are a silver medal spire fellowship now. We would be happy to have you :)
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Was going to invite you , but noticed you are on the wrong world for me to do that, Good Luck on finding your home.


Well-Known Member
If someone was wanting to join my FS I would not hold it against them for getting kicked out of another.
Personality differences happen.
People have bad days.
Stuff happens.

But if I saw that person bad mouthing their old Fs BY NAME on the forum, that would give me pause.
And if I saw the person doing screen shots of a private conversation with their fromer AM, I would definitely see red flags waving.
Especially since as an objective observer, the AM doesn't come off that bad in the convo.

I'm pretty sure leaving another person's name on those screen shots is a big forum no no.
You might want to do something about that before someone hits the "report" button.

hvariidh gwendrot

Well-Known Member
i'm happy to go in to details about who had what done to them by a certain dismissed player, but it wasnt my wonder and he did create a problem for other members . several of whom instantly sent thank you for dismissing him and glad he's gone messages, plus the fact we a have waiting list on almost all of the 8 worlds to get in .. not worried about it :cool:


I've already gone into the details of what happened. I'm not sure why you're claiming emotional instability when I'm just telling the facts.

To restate facts.

A member had a AW with a different non-FS person on their wonder for a minor chest.
I finished off the AW so that it was complete. Meaning that someone maybe lost out of 5-10kp. Which I spent more to complete.
I made a quick statement in the chat saying that at the end of the day it's not a big deal. Which I don't think that it is.

There was no warning of any sort prior to my logging in today and finding myself kicked out.

I inquired.

The previous conversation was the result.

Am I upset that I'm out? No, if people take minor things like this and just make immediate decisions without notice or discussion, then it's best not to belong in the first place.