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Looking for a fellowship


Well-Known Member
I'm boosted in planks, silk, and magic dust. Im pretty active and enjoy the tournaments and the spire. Looking for a more laid back type of fellowship and would prefer to help out a small to medium sized, newer FS looking to improve.
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Fiona Selah

Well-Known Member
Hi! I don't know if you found the type of FS you've been looking for yet, but Enchanted Garden is recruiting. It sounds like we would be a good match, we are up to 5 chests in tourneys, the bronze Spire trophy, and did our first FS adventure together last month and did quite well. We are an easy going group.


New Member
Alliance Standard VIII is a drama free fellowship. Elvenar is JUST a GAME and we want to keep playing fun, with players who understand and respect different playstyles.

We welcome any contributions towards Events, Tournaments and Fellowship Adventures, working as a team to achieve success as a fellowship. We value and support players who want to learn and grow their city their way.

Our basic rules are:
- Play the way you want: casual, hardcore, hermit or social. All are accepted.
- Visiting is not obligation.
- Boosts-Manufactories not demanded.
- Reading or participating in chat-room is not required.
- Participating in Weekly Tournament and other events is your free choice.
- A leader will not remove you from the fellowship unless you are disruptive or insulting (causing drama), misusing the fellowship for propaganda or seem to have left Elvenar permanently.

Thank you for your consideration.