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Looking for a Friendly New Home?

David Dragonsage

Well-Known Member
We have a vacancy in the Goodfellows. Please send me a PM in-game or here, if interested.

This is our overview, revised June 29th:

Welcome to the Goodfellows, a fellowship who focuses on kindness and fun, teamwork and companionship. We are active players who have reached Chapter 9 or higher. The chapter requirement is waived for exceptional players..

The Goodfellows score a minimum of 1000 points each in the weekly tournament, regularly unlocking over 10 chests. Players who cannot reach 1000 points in a particular week are asked not to play in the tournament that week.

The Goodfellows enjoy climbing the Spire and going on Fellowship Adventures, although participation is not required.
A Spire Push is scheduled for the first Sunday of the month.

We try to be good citizens within the Elvenar community. We never intentionally recruit (i.e. "poach") from other active fellowships, and we believe in fair trading. If a member posts a zero or one star trade, it is by prearrangement within the fellowship or with a neighbor and it will be picked up immediately.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact David Dragonsage.
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David Dragonsage

Well-Known Member
We now have two vacancies. This is a great chance to join a great top 30 fellowship! We do welcome serious beginners as well as experienced players.

One of our members said today, "how rare and wonderful it is to find a functional and peaceful group of adults to play with".