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Looking for a fun FS


New Member
Just starting out i'm about 90% thru my first research page just looking for anyone who is around the same or a bit higher to chat with lol
Most of my production so far is just Planks
Name: Kiritosblade


Well-Known Member
It looks like your boosted goods, the ones you'll get the most bang for your buck on, are marble, crystal, and gems.

There are two ways to check your boosted goods.
1) go to the world map and look at the provinces at N, SW, and SE to your province.
2) open your main hall, relics tab, and the highlighted goods are your boosted goods.

I'd send you an invite, but my fellowship is looking for other goods right now. I'd be happy to answer any questions for you though.


Well-Known Member
My very nice & active neighbor, Siil is in a small fellowship called Shadow Dwellers. They are seeking a marble boosted player like yourself. I will send you an in-game message as well as to her & her AM. :D


if you haven't picked yet we are a very fast growing FS and our main thing is to have fun we don't have a lot of rules you have to do this and hit this number but we are very competative in adventures events and tournament we enjoy helping new players learn and grow. out fellowship is The Goblin King check us out you can chat with any of our members and looking you will see we have players of all sizes especialy smaller ones on the grow. We have daily players so there is almost always someone on line. We have a FB page to better be able to comunicate and spread info. if you have any questions please just ask Skeeter

Scarlette Rain

New Member
We at Ravens Of Morrigan are always looking for new players to help them with trading and Fellowship please check us out

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