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Looking for a fun group


Well-Known Member
My main city is on Elcysandir, but I am trying to dust the cobwebs off of a small neglected Arendyll city. It’s planks, silk dust boosted and in orcs, but a bit behind on wonders. I’m looking for a fun ten chest group with an active kp swap program. Active chat would be a plus. I can commit to daily play and minimums of 1600 tournament points and bronze spire immediately. I’m happy to do more once I get it up and running.

Happy gaming,
You'd fit our group. I invited you, please accept and start dusting.
we are active, and want to consistently get 10 chests, you'd be a great help with your 1600.


New Member
Hi Iamaita,
if you haven’t made a decision yet, check out the Tempest Jewel FS. We are a a fun bunch, and looking for one more player to complete our team. Please let me know when you are interested. We would love to have you!


We are trying to get more members that do tourney, so that 10 chest become more common than monthly. Feel free to message me.